Iconset – free PSD


Sweet 16′s for your next project. My first big set of icons but I hope you’ll like it.

Download ThisisUI iconset - Downloaded 993 times

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Pandacodium 2013 – the big win

JavaScript patterns – Facade

JavaScript is not the perfect language but you cannot stop using it because it is one of the most powerful language which you can use in your websites or web applications. To make your work easier and faster there are few patterns which are good to know and use. The first which I would like to show you is Facade.

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ThisIsGrrr – growl style – free growl package

growl style

Some time ago I created a growl style package called ThisIsGrrr. It was mainly a good field to check out what css animation can offer.

Check it out on Github

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SMACSS – scalable and modular CSS – basics – categorisation

This article will containt all important information about scalable and modular CSS (SMACSS) which will help you write better CSS. It will not only be easy to write while building websites but also while maintaining it in a easy way in the future.

It is based on book by Jonathan Snook “Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS”.

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